Grundig G5 Radio

Another radio I own is the Grundig G5. I hate to admit it but this is my third one of this model if I include the two Eton E5 radios I owned over the years. It was part of my former habit of selling off radios when I had not used them for a while. I hated to leave items sitting around unused so I would sell them on eBay (typically for a healthy profit) but down the line I would realize I had made a mistake and purchase the same model again after looking on eBay until I found a deal.

This Grundig G5 was a deal. I think I paid around $30 for it shipped because it suffered so badly from the Grundig sticky funk that occurs over the years due to a terrible design decision Grundig made to coat their receivers in this weird rubbery material that eventually develops adhesive properties due to exposure to humidity. This can be cleaned off with adhesive removers but it is a painstaking and imperfect process.

I cleaned this one up as well as I could and that means the finish is not great and some of the writing came off the radio. Also, being a G5 and not an E5, this model does not feature lighted keys which truly makes me miss my E5. I am such a dummy! This is why I no longer sell off radios. If it makes it into the collection, it stays in the collection unless it dies or several years pass with it being in storage.

This radio had been in storage for a few months until I recently decided to get it out and compare it to my Tecsun PL-660 on SSB reception. I have found that the Tecsun has a heightened noise floor that can make listening to shortwave fatiguing after a while and I wanted to see if the Grundig suffered from the same issue.

Note the corgi walking away

It does not but it is quirky in its own right. For one, the audio is more pleasant but seems weaker. Also, I find SSB a bit more difficult to adjust on the G5 than on the Tecsun because the Tecsun has a button to switch between LSB and USB while the G5 has a true BFO dial meaning it takes very little movement to totally mess up the signal you are trying to hear.

If this all sounds like a foreign language, my apologies. It's taken me years to get more into SSB listening and that is happening now due to there being little else to listen to on shortwave.

For now, the G5 is getting a bit more use than the Tecsun due to how much lower the noise floor is on the G5. 

Better corgi sighting

I have considered selling both and getting a newer radio to see if there is any improvement but the options are limited. There is the Eton Executive Satellit which is the modern version of the G5 and I had that at one time and sold it for a crazy profit because I could not stand the display. It was so bright that it hurt my eyes thanks to my weird eyesight issues with light. There is also the Tecsun PL-880 but I don't like the new lithium batteries Tecsun seems to love so much these days. So, I will most likely just stick with the G5, an oldie but a goodie!