Bags in everyday life: Swissgear 1651 City Pack Backpack

Here's a bag that I love. It's a bit bigger than the OutdoorMaster Sling Bag which is the bag I use the most. I use the Swissgear 1651 City Pack Backpack (item number SA 1651) when I need to take some books and other items with me and I don't want to stuff the sling bag full.

Today, I had some stuff I needed to work on in the car while my wife took on the role of chauffeur so I packed the bag this morning and took a few pictures before we left.

Before you read on, this is a great bag. It's one of my favorites of all time. And you know I've had a lot of bags.

Here is the bag. It's an older version of the SA 1651 so this color scheme is no longer available. I bought this in orange because the inside is orange and that makes it super easy to find stuff in the pockets. Also, this is not a wide bag so it has a tablet pocket but no dedicated laptop pocket. Anything over a 13.3 inch laptop probably won't fit and you won't have a lot of protection if you try it.

It's perfect for books and look at that first book I took today - I know the author!

The front organization pocket has 2 pen slots. I love that. I think 2 should be the minimum for any bag.

There are more pockets but I didn't take many pictures. There is also a water bottle pocket on one side.

For day trips, if I want to take a few more items than I normally would, this is the PERFECT bag. I love it. I also love that it is a backpack and not just a sling bag so we have two straps instead of just the one. It is fantastic. A+!

Here is the bag with the lap desk I found years ago at Big Lots, I think. It's perfect for getting things done in the car.