Radio Shack Pro-405 Scanner

My Radio Shack Pro-405 Scanner is one of my four scanners. I will get around to writing about the others here eventually. 

Most of what I listen to is paramedics, airports and airplanes. Pretty much everything else is digital now and older scanners like the ones I have won't pick up the digital signals. 

I don't listen to scanners every day but when I do, I turn them on and let them run in the background. It's interesting to hear what is going on around us and sometimes a transmission pops up from one of the warehouses nearby. If pallets being moved excite you, this is the hobby for you!

The good part of this scanner is how sensitive it is and the bad part of the scanner is how sensitive it is. I have to keep the antenna partially lowered or the scanner will stop at the slightest signal even with the squelch set kind of high. 

I also like that this scanner has the SAME function so the weather radio alarm only goes off for the counties programmed in it. Finally, dig that cool orange display backlight.

Note that the manufacturing year is 2009. This scanner still looks and operates like new.