Swissgear 2789 Laptop Backpack (revised)

I keep thinking back to the Christmas Eve post I wrote about my Swissgear 2789 Laptop Backpack. Why? Because I don't like what I wrote and I don't like how I wrote it. In fact, I am deleting that previous post.

I dogged the bag for being too expensive (I paid $10 plus shipping for this backpack which retails for $49.99 on Amazon and on the Swissgear website) and for having no support structure. 

The first point, about the price, I think is a valid point. At a retail price of $29, I think this backpack would be a huge value. At $49, I think you would be spending too much. 

The second point, about the structure, is not a valid point. There is nothing wrong with the bag if you understand what the purpose of it is so let's take another look.

It's a nice looking bag. There is something I really like about the two-tone look. 

It is comfortable with very well-padded straps and the Airflow back panels.

It features a nice big pocket on the front for quick access to items like sunglasses or chargers.

It has a basic but functional and organization pocket that is a light color so you can see what you are doing. There is one pen slot.

In the main compartment, we have a nicely padded laptop pocket. It is elevated off of the bottom of the bag so it adds protection there. It fits my 13.3 inch laptop perfectly. You might be able to stuff a bigger laptop in there but I wouldn't. The bottom of this big compartment has zero padding but this is a backpack geared towards students and you don't need a ton of padding when you have filled the backpack with books and binders. 

Final thoughts: For the price I paid, wow - a great bag! Even up to $29 or so, I think it is a value. I am keeping it.